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Just to show how small, some of the pictures in the posts below were taken from this picture and the one below.  I sit and zoom in on the pictures and sometimes find as many as ten in one snapshot. Then I crop each one out and blow it up to make an individual shot.



child’s face profile

older man or woman profile left side

I love this one above. It looks like a baby on it’s back with it’s legs and feet swung up in the air and it’s arms over it’s head.

This above is a face looking down. is the right side of the face.looks like a woman

face looking down

man’s face  with a woman’s face above it…both profiles

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Face..above and below..same one just one is closer

Below two women’s faces. The big box she has her arm up to h er forehead. Is just head in the small box and head and shoulders in the big one.


Just a profile face.

Large and small…angels with trumpet



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