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One of my favorite pictures for it looked like a whole group of angels flying towards the right and the one little winged one coming towards them

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7 responses to “Angels

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  1. Awesome pic dear…but i couldn’t angels in this pic well whatever you expressed it is good

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    Very awesome

  3. When I was young we were always finding things in the clouds. Do today’s children do that? Or are they too busy texting, sexting, liking, friending, and coming up with new ways to spell words?

    • I think children are too busy with what you mentioned. It is a shame. We no longer encourage creativity and spontaneous behavior but rather things like texting that have caused children to not know how to talk face to face anymore.

  4. Your photographs never fail to take me back to being a child laying in the cold green semlling lawn and watching faces n the clouds roll by. One of my favorite past times as well as inspring many watercolors.

    I am awarding you The Very Inspiring Blogger Award because your blog inspires me each time I visit it. AS well as your kind, thoughtful comments on my blog bring to my own writings. Thank you for that.

    You will find more info on my blog at:

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